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Excellence in parts business.
Mercedes-Benz PartsProfessional

In an aftermarket with many options for parts suppliers, how can you know which supplier is right for you?

The right supplier is one who goes to extraordinary lengths to meet your needs consistently and with the highest level of professionalism. Mercedes-Benz PartsProfessional is an after-sales initiative that has been launched to make the parts sales services you receive from a Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific certified PartsProfessional dealership even better.

Mercedes-Benz PartsProfessional builds on the strengths of your dealership:

  • By enhancing your understanding of the inherent value of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts available throughout the dealer network.
  • With improved customer experience through heightened and consistent professionalism at all times across all participating Mercedes-Benz PartsProfessional dealerships.
  • Through parts sales service that innovates and leads the aftermarket to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • By providing additional value-add offerings that support your operations through shortened lead times, improved convenience and sustainable relationships with your supporting Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

What can you expect from your Mercedes-Benz PartsProfessional dealership?

All certified Mercedes-Benz PartsProfessional dealers provide an outstanding range of parts sales services for Retail, Trade and Fleet Customers. Delivering complete reliability across the board, they offer expert assistance in parts identification, exceptional parts availability and customised conditions in the following areas:


Always in stock or available

Always in stock or available
Take advantage of our full range of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

Advantages at a glance:

• Whatever you need, we have it in stock or we can source it for you: All parts from the extensive Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts range for new vehicles as well as contemporary classics and vintage vehicles:

- Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts
- Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts
- Mercedes-Benz Genuine Lubricants & Fluids
- Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories
- Mercedes-Benz Genuine Vehicle Care Products
- Mercedes-Benz Collection

• Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts deliver outstanding quality, an extended service life and comprehensive service – making them highly cost-effective and a key part of your success.
• Order our complete range quickly and efficiently by e-mail, phone, fax and online via Mercedes-Benz WebParts, or take advantage of over-the-counter sales.


Always at your service

Always at your service
Take advantage of our full range of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts. Advantages at a glance:
  • Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are aligned with the latest technological developments – as are our technical specifications and information systems.
  • Quick and reliable service without long waiting periods: We will answer your questions and process your orders without delay.
  • Our qualified staff offers great advice on all aspects of parts sales – from ordering to installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Helping you to shape your success

Helping you to shape your success
Make our professional staff training in parts ordering part of your success. Advantages at a glance:
  • Exclusively for Mercedes-Benz WebParts users, we offer parts identification training, based on EPCnet (the web-based Mercedes-Benz Electronic Parts Catalogue).
  • Your staff will be ideally equipped to raise their accuracy rates when identifying and ordering parts.
  • Reduced ordering time by reducing the number of interpretation mistakes.


Saving you time and money

Saving you time and money
Take advantage of our exceptional parts availability. Advantages at a glance:
  • As a leading vehicle manufacturer, we offer an extensive range of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts for new vehicles as well as contemporary classics and vintage vehicles.
  • Our specially trained parts sales staff will deal with your order without delay.
  • Our sophisticated worldwide logistics systems ensure rapid access to any Mercedes-Benz Genuine Part you require.
  • Your vehicle downtime is minimised, helping you to save time and money.

Delivery to your door

Delivery to your door
Take advantage of our quick and efficient parts delivery service.
  • Focus on your core business – while we process your parts order quickly and efficiently.
  • Don’t have time to collect an order? We can deliver Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts to your door if requested.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and efficiently you can get your hands on Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.


Always there for you

Always there for you
Take advantage of expert advice from our factory-trained Parts Sales Team. Advantages at a glance:
  • Our specially trained staff offers expert advice on all aspects of the parts business.
  • Covering everything from parts identification to ordering and installation, our staff provides expert assistance and cooperation.
  • Contact us for more details. We will be happy to deal with your specific requirements.

Delivering on-site support

Delivering on-site support
Take advantage of the on-site support service and expertise offered by our Parts Sales Representative. Advantages at a glance:
  • A dedicated contact person lets you build a successful business partnership based on trust. Our Parts Sales Representative will make regular on-site visits and handle all your queries and requirements.
  • Your contact will also supply the latest information on Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, offer expert advice and take your orders.
  • You also have the opportunity to make suggestions to your contact on how we can offer an even better service. We focus on providing outstanding service and the best possible support.

Marketing & Commmunication

Stay up to date with the latest developments

Stay up to date with the latest developments
Take advantage of our regular communication with parts customers. Advantages at a glance:
  • Look forward to regular updates on Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.
  • Our news to you makes sure that you’re up to date with all the latest developments.
  • Whether it‘s the launch of a new Mercedes-Benz Parts Professional service or improvements to existing services – you will always be the first to know.

Don’t miss it – it’s worth it

Don’t miss it – it’s worth it
Take advantage of our regular Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts promotions and special offers. Advantages at a glance:
  • Our regular promotions and attractive offers on premium quality Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts will quickly pay dividends for your company.
  • This includes special offers and additional discounts within selected product segments – enabling you to make impressive savings.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised at how competitive our parts can be.

We provide the platform for your success

We provide the platform for your success
Take advantage of our Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts communication material for independent workshops. Advantages at a glance:
  • We offer professional, eye-catching communication materials for Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.
  • Advertising the services that you offer in addition to using high-quality Mercedes- Benz Genuine Parts is the perfect way to boost customer acquisition and raise your profile.
  • Gain an edge on your competitors by communicating the outstanding quality of your repair services.