The importance of using Mercedes-Benz Genuine Oil


Mercedes-Benz Adelaide customers are continually seeking performance, protection and quality. Mercedes-Benz Genuine Oil encapsulates these requirements through the innovative strength and vast experience of Mercedes-Benz scientists and engineers. With its exceptionally high performance base oils and additives, experience a whole new world of superior products throughout the vehicle's life cycle.
Product features:
• Pour Point
    Provides excellent low temperature flowability of oil
• Evaporative Loss
    Minimises oil burn in the engine
• Oxidation
    Reduces oil oxidation in the engine
• Engine Sludge
    Maintains engine cleaniness
• Wear cam inlet/outlet, piston ring radial
    Assists reduction in engine wear
• Fuel Economy
    Helps maximise fuel economy
• Piston Cleanliness
    Provides improved piston cleanliness performance
To find out more, please phone the Mercedes-Benz Adelaide parts team on 8152 5050.